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A big boob fan writes ...

"Hi there Richard. I discovered your delightful site a couple of years ago, and I've visited it regularly ever since. Seeing how it has developed from the first time I explored its (well-endowed) pages makes me wish to give you some feedback.

I want to thank you. :-)

Not only is your site the most professional I've found on the net, and I have explored quite a few through the years, but it's also the most user friendly I've come across so far. The menu is easy to use and understand, there are small insightful pieces of factual knowledge dotted around the site, the last revamp of the site just made it better and easier to use, the front page gives the visitor a quick overview of what the site has to offer and the colour scheme is kept in colours that are pleasing to the eyes. All in all, a good, rocksolid site that never lets down the visitor and makes him come back for more. Okay, the content may also help a lot with the coming back part. ;-)

I'm quite serious with the praise though being a professional it-specialist. You have done a very good job of building up a site without any of the modern flash-stuff and such. Flash can sometimes slow down the loadingtimes a lot, and is frequently used in the wrong places or just to show off. Also this site can easily be accessed by both Internet Explorer and Mozilla without any trouble. That-s more than many hyped up million dollar sites can brag about. So keep up the good work.

As for the content what can I say? Brilliant, yummy or perhaps exciting? Anyway, your site is still my favourite breast site, so please don't close it down or change the name so I will have trouble finding it again. That would really be a downer. ;-)"

Cheers Hans

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